Discover one of the most innovative approaches to music learning.

The Innovatory of Music Your Music Lab is a unique educational concept and a Study Abroad Program in Italy, specifically designed for students like you!

Craft your own curriculum, work on your instrument, go abroad, record in a first-class studio, get a deep knowledge of all aspects of the music business, and perform in gorgeous venues with some of the best professionals from Europe and US.

Exchange program

for young musicians

Learn from real professionals

Meet international musicians and students, and build a strategic professional network.

Enjoy Italy and design your future

Travel to Italy and explore its unique beauties: culture, art, music, food, people.

Get what you need to become a true professional

No standard curricula: choose exactly what you need to reach your goals.

Learn from masters at work.

We put prospective musicians in contact with real, experienced professionals so they can learn from their hands-on experience.
This is our commitment.

Our headquarters.

OmniaMusica Recording Studio. Parma, Italy.

Our students say

I have learned more in two days with Your Music Lab, than in five years of exhausting, chaotic and often vain search for information.


A program that prepares you for the professional world of music, with the opportunity to use an incredible studio. equipped with all you can dream of, as a musician.
Absolutely fantastic!


An eye opening experience! And with a lot of fun!


Learn what Your Music Lab can do

For you


It brings you from the school environment to the professional word, in the best possible way. It gives you the tools to be ready for your challenges out there.


Give your kids the opportunity to see first-hand what it means to work as a real music professional.
Give them the kind of experience that can make a difference in their future.


Expand your study abroad programs with a unique and an innovative one.
Provide your students and teachers with the opportunity to become part of an international network. Link the educational environment with the professional world.


Make the world a better place. Find happiness in making other people happy.
Allow young musicians to make their life dreams come true. Empower real talents to bring beauty, hope, passion, truthfulness, and music to the world.
Showcase your brand in special events.

Ready for the Innovatory of Music?