About Your Music Lab.

Being a musician these days means to be able to understand and possibly handle at least 3 or 4 different musical genres; it means to be ready to work on a professional stage knowing how to behave and interact with the professional staff around it.

There is more: today, as you know, a great deal of the music we listen to is produced and recorded in a professional recording studio, and the remaining part is recorded by musicians themselves at home.

Also, you must be ready to travel and deal with different audiences all over the world.

Consequently, being a musician today has a lot to do with being ready to sit down in a perfectly insulated recording studio and feeling comfortable recording a solo part in not more than three takes, surrounded by microphones, or perform while wearing an in-ear monitor which carries a guide-track directly into your ear.

If a young musician wants to be part of the music world today, he or she must manage all this, and be ready for it as soon as possible.
Paying one’s dues and gaining experience simply takes years.

Unfortunately, the music business today doesn’t have much time to wait.